Corrosion can be a serious issue for your plumbing. Over time, water, waste, and chemicals can wear away at your pipes until they eventually fail and spring a leak. And if you’ve got a leaky pipe, you have a plumbing emergency. As always, you can call on InSink Plumbing – your local Illinois plumbers – for any plumbing emergency, 24/7. However, we recommend you avoid plumbing emergencies. Have us keep an eye on your pipes, and make sure that your pipes aren’t eroding. Here’s what causes corrosion, and how we can spot it!

Water pH

If your water pH balance is slightly acidic, you may experience corrosion. Water acidity can corrode copper pipes and eventually lead to a leaky hole!


Oxygen can cause rust. When oxygen comes into contact with certain metals, these metals are prone to oxidize, causing them to weaken and flake apart. Normally this process is rather slow, but water, pressure, and velocity can speed up the process of oxidation within your plumbing system. Seek an emergency plumber if you think your plumbing system has sprung a leak due to oxidization or any other plumbing mishap!

Chemicals & Metals

Certain chemicals and metals can be harsh on pipes – especially older pipes. Some chemicals and specific metals can corrode old cast iron pipes, and over time that toll can add up. Let us inspect your pipes if you’re concerned about the age of your pipes and the chemicals and metals that have passed through them over the years.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause your pipes to burst, wear, or crack. If your pipes go through big temperature changes quickly, it can cause the pipe to weaken. Moreover, if your pipes get too cold – for instance buried pipes in the dead of winter – your pipes are liable to crack and burst. Try to ensure that you keep a bit of water running (about a pencil thickness is enough) on the coldest days of winter to ensure that your buried pipes don’t burst!

High heats are also harmful. High heat causes pipe expansion, and over time that can lead to weakened pipe joints. Plus, high heat can speed up the corrosion processes started by chemicals, oxidization, and your water pH balance.

Velocity of the Fluid in Your Pipes

In the same way that high heats can stress your pipes, fluid velocity can also magnify the stresses of corrosion caused by chemicals, oxidization, or pH levels. Speak with a plumber if your water pressure is too high! Water pressure is a simple fix, and it can usually be addressed at your home’s shutoff valve.

We Have In-Pipe Cameras!

If you’re curious or concerned about the state of your pipes, we can use an in-pipe camera. Our in-pipe camera is designed to navigate through sewer lines in order to assess the health of the pipe or to find a pipe’s issue! Get in touch with a plumber here at InSink plumbing today if you have an old sewer line or if you’d like to check up on the status of your sewer line!