Hopefully you never find yourself in a position where you need to purchase a new or replacement sump pump. If you do, it is most likely because your basement has flooded. In that case you will probably be in need of both a 24 hour plumber and a sump pump or two.

Flooding can happen to anyone at anytime. At InSink Plumbing we are here to help with all of your plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day in Addison, Elmhurst, Carol Stream, and Wheaton, Illinois.If you have a basement, there is always the possibility that your basement can flood. Generally when we think of flooding, we think of a big rain storm overflowing our window wells and leaking through the cracks. Unfortunately, too much precipitation isn’t the only way to become victim to a flooded basement . Another way that your basement can flood is through backed up sewage from your home that hasn’t drained for one reason or another. Sewers are below the level of your basement and if the water pressure gets backed up it can seep through cracks in your basement. Tree roots, disposal of products that are not meant to be pushed through the sewer lines, or just failure of one of your pumps can all lead to backflow of sewage causing it to be pushed into the base of your home.

Some basements come equipped with a sump pump installed already. If your basement already has a sump pump installed, it can mean that the drainage system in your house requires a little bit of extra assistance. This means that the drainage system for your home sewage can’t keep up with ground water so it demands a backup plan. However if the sump pump can’t keep up with the amount of excess water or fails for any reason, this results in flooding as well. We recommend that installing a backup pump if this is your situation, just in case. The expense of an additional sump pump far exceeds a ruined basement and any items in your basement.

If you live in an older home you may want to have your sewage drainage system inspected and tested. The foundation of a drainage system can deteriorate over time leading to a weeping tile system. This means all of the water that is at ground level will leak into the basement due to a restricted flow from a piece of the drainage system failing. This can also occur due to excess rain. A sewer can become full, when a sewer is too full it will start to upflow through shower drains or floor drains and back into the house.

No matter the cause of your basement flooding, InSink Plumbing of Illinois is here to help you with any plumbing emergencies or maintenance 24 hours a day. We service Addison, Elmhurst, Carol Stream, and Wheaton, Illinois. Let us help you prevent a basement flooding before it happens. We will install your sump pump, clean your sewer, or repair your sewer line. Contact InSink Plumbing today.