dreamstime_xxl_30589421-220x220There are a few main culprits for common problems with your sewer line. Here is a list of the most common sewer line problems and a few preventative measures that can hopefully stop them before they occur.

Drain Blockage

The blockage of a drain generally occurs when something that should not be put through a drain is flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink. Never pour grease or fat down your drain. They can solidify within the pipe causing a blockage in your drain. We also recommend using strainers in your drains so that excess amounts of hair or other debris never makes it into your pipes. You can then empty the strainer into the trashcan. Also never flush anything down your toilet other than waste or toilet paper. Many clogs are caused by things like tissues, cotton balls, and sanitary products.

Cracked or Collapsed Lines

Older sewage lines can be another issue. Old pipes have the tendency to crack or can even collapse completely. Issues like these can call for major repairs. Luckily InSink offers the rehabilitation of pipes. This is a trenchless sewer line repair that is quick, effective, and affordable.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can always be a culprit when it comes to piping. Even if the tree is not near where the pipes are, the roots can spread and grow underneath your home causing a world of problems. The strength of tree roots can easily crush a pipe.

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