To continue our last blog on frozen pipes, we’re going to point out what you ought to do when an emergency does happen.

How to Identify a Burst Pipe

If you’re concerned that a pipe may have burst in or around your home, you’ll want to contact an emergency plumber right away. In the meantime, try to locate the source of the burst pipe, and shut off any valves that lead to that pipe.

  • Listen: Use those ears! Can you hear hissing, running water, or bubbling noises? Use your ears to narrow down the location of the source.

  • Look: Keep your eyes peeled for dripping ceilings, wet walls, or puddles. Mold may exist if your pipe has been leaking for a long time.

  • Feel: If you can’t see wet spots, feel for moisture.

Where Are My Shutoff Valves?

Whole-house or whole-building shut off valves are often located on the outside of the building, usually near the foundation. If you’ve got a burst water main that precedes your shut off valve, contact an emergency plumber immediately. Burst water mains can release a huge amount of water in no time.

Contact Our 24-Hour Emergency Plumber

We’re here to help you when you’re in a pinch! Call on us for our 24-hour emergency plumbing services. We serve Addison, Elmhurst, Carol Stream, and Wheaton! We know how important timeliness can be when a pipe bursts. A leaky pipe can damage your home, your furniture, and your belongings.