Trees are essential to a pleasant yard. They provide shade for our families to enjoy and they also bring aesthetic balance to our view from our picture frame windows. But while trees add beauty and shade to our yards, their roots can be the cause of major frustration and grief.

Roots are always stretching out in search of water and nutrients. Normally, they absorb what they need from the soil. Your pipes also supply the sustenance they need in abundance. That is great news for the tree roots, but bad news for your pipes, your wallet, and your Addison home.


trees-blogimage1The Destroyer of Worlds…

Tree roots are the destroyer of worlds…or at least the destroyer of your sewer pipes. They are hungry for the nutrients around your pipe system and also for the water flowing through them. Keep in mind that roots are made to burrow through even the hardest ground to get what they want. Over time, your pipes don’t stand a chance at resisting. Roots will penetrate the pipes, creating all kinds of trouble by blocking the flow. Worst case scenario, roots can even crush pipes entirely if no action is taken to prevent them.

What is a Homeowner to Do?

trees-imag2The good news is, you are not without defenses. There are a few ways to keep your pipes safe from a root invasion. One of the easiest ways is to have an experienced and knowledgeable plumber who can clear your pipes of roots before they become an issue. At InSink Plumbing, we use the best technology to ensure that your Addison, IL home has clean and functional plumbing. Call us today to learn more!