Looking to upgrade your bathroom, but don’t have a lot of money? We aren’t talking about a major bathroom renovation, just simple fixes. You can dramatically change the way that your bathroom looks with these simple tips for refreshing your bathroom space:

Amp Up Your Vanity and Walls

Sick of those boring wooden cabinets? Give your vanity a makeover by painting or wallpapering it to add color and texture to the bathroom. You can also add color and texture to the walls. Wallpapering works for this as well. A modern wallpaper looks fresh combined with wood beadboard. Beadboard is easy to install and makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of any room. You can even move the location of your vanity if you would prefer it somewhere else in the bathroom. Just call your local plumbing company in Addison to adjust your pipelines.

Freshen Up The Shower

Remove those old,gold trimmed, sliding shower panel doors, and open up the look of the  bathroom with a clean and stylish shower rod and curtain. You can even add a curtain pullback to give that extra sense of class. You will save yourself the hassle of cleaning the doors, and their grimy tracks.

Customize The Mirror

Standard bathroom mirrors are frameless and boring. Spice things up by installing a custom mirror to match the other decor in the bathroom. You can even add a frame to the current mirror by applying molding or other media around the edges.

Remember, you can always opt for fixture replacement too, to spruce up your bathroom. Call on us for any of your Addison area plumbing needs!