water-jettingHigh pressure water jetting is the best solution for sewer pipe plug-ups. If you’ve got a sewage system that’s clogged, our super-powered jet can clear away the source fo the problem. Your sewer line is responsible for clearing away gallon after gallon of waste, and it’s quite inevitable that that waste can build up in your pipes overtime. When a clog happens, you typically have three options, chemical treatments, traditional rodding or snaking, and high pressure water jetting. Let’s talk about the former two options so we can further understand why high pressure water jetting is a far superior option.

water-jetting-picChemical Treatments

Chemical treatments don’t always work, and they can damage your pipes. Drainage chemicals are extremely harsh, and they can tear away at the your pipes. While chemical treatments may be apt for the occasional hair clog in the shower, it’s also likely that they won’t be sufficient for more fixed, set-in clogs. If, for instance, you have a clog that has been building up for years on end, a chemical treatment might not clear the clog. Instead, the chemicals will just sit atop the clog and you’ll have to use a different treatment type.

Traditional Rodding & Drain Snaking

For minor clogs, rodding or drain snaking may be sufficient. Rodding and snaking clear clogs, and they get wastewater flowing in the right direction again. However, these plumbing techniques may not clear your pipes fully, and they can only reach so far. Snaking and rodding can clear debris that’s blocking your sewage pipe, but it’s likely that some debris will remain – and that can mean a clog down the road. Here at InSink Plumbing, we provide rodding and snaking services as well as high pressure water jetting services, and we’ll inform you of the best option for your unique scenario..

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting clears clogs and it cleans your pipes. Plus, you won’t damage your pipes as you would if you were using chemical treatments. With our high pressure water jetting, we send a hose with a high tech head that shoots out a pressurized jet of water. This jet shoots both forwards (towards a blockage), and backwards (driving the hose head forward while clearing debris). This makes navigating through a sewer pipe easy, and it leaves your pipes cleaner than any other method available. If you’re curious about our high pressure water jetting services, you can learn more here.

Depending on your scenario, your drains could benefit from drain rodding/snaking or a high pressure water jetting service. Get in touch with your plumbing service specialists here at InSink plumbing to learn about our service options and to figure out the best solution for your drains.