If you’re even considering having your pipes checked and maintained, it’s probably because you’ve never had maintenance performed on your plumbing. We’ve found that most of our clients here in Illinois have issues because they haven’t had their pipes checked in years, if ever at all. To ensure that your pipes are healthy and ready to bare the brunt of an upcoming season, you’ll want to have your plumbing checked and maintained once per year. Having your plumbing maintained once per year should prevent any costly damage that might otherwise occur. Staying on top of your plumbing maintenance could save you from the cost of a repair, as well as the costs associated with damage caused by leaking or bursting pipes. When you call on InSink Plumbing for plumbing maintenance, we’ll perform this thorough check of your plumbing:

Checking Appliances

If you have appliances that could use a checkup, we’ll check them out. This is especially important for water heaters which are liable to malfunction in the midst of the cold season – when hot water is most valued!

Ensuring Shut-off Valves Are Operable

We’ll make sure that your shut-off valves are in operation. Having operable shutoff valves is important, since they may save your home from damage in the event of an emergency leak or burst pipe.

Checking Pipes for Corrosion or Leaks

We’ll monitor the health of your pipes. If your pipes are old and worn down, we can give you a quote on a repair right there on the spot. You don’t want to get caught with a leaky pipe!

Checking Flow

Drainage keeps the water flowing the right direction. We’ll inspect your drainage pipes and sewer line to ensure that flow isn’t blocked. If it is, we offer sewer rodding services to regain full flow. Remember, we provide plumbing services to Illinois, including Addison, Carol Stream, Winfield, West Chicago, Lakewood, Wayne, Keeneyville, and Bloomingdale.