Truth be told, InSink Plumbing has a long history with the kitchen and bath remodeling industry. With 50 years of remodeling experience, as well as countless magazine testimonials, newspaper reviews, invitation listing with the Franklin Report and a Chrysalis award for excellence in bathroom remodeling it’s safe to say we have what it takes to help you with your remodeling project!

Since remodeling projects can be a little more daunting, knowing where to start can be your biggest question. While searching through various resources like magazines may be a good way to spark your creativity, eventually you will need to talk to a pro that will listen to your ideas and concerns. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us (630)388-5883.

What Should I Do First?

Call us or set up an appointment online for a free consultation. Since we are deeply rooted in excellent plumbing services and customer service, contact us for a Speedy Fast Quote™ on your bath or kitchen remodel.

What Does That Mean?

What happens when you set up a time to meet with us about your project is this:
An InSink Plumbing professional comes to your home to look, listen and take detailed notes about how your kitchen and bath are laid out and how you want the finished bathroom or kitchen remodel to look. Every bathroom has little design differences that make them unique to your home, so the first thing we need to do is look at your bathroom as it is now to make sure that the new design will look and function properly.

Then we listen to your ideas and concepts that you have for your new bathroom. Lastly, we will ask you a few key questions that help us formulate the best proposal for your budget. The process is painless and the results are stunning.

My Investment

You have a right to be concerned about how to invest properly in your home. You’ll be pleased to know that bathroom and kitchen remodeling has the highest ROI (return on investment) out of any home improvement project. Then there is the comfort factor, no room in your home gives you a better living experience than you kitchen or bathroom and all of this is very well documented. When you hire plumbers from InSink Plumbing, you’ll get the best bang for your buck on your bath or kitchen remodel.

Call us now for speedy help on your bath or kitchen remodel plumbing services! (630)388-5883