What is it?

A Sump pump Backup System is a battery backup for pump system, just like it reads. It’s an extra pump that fits in your sump pit and is powered by a deep-cycle rechargeable battery much like the one you would see in a camper or boat. This is an added protection if your home’s electrical service was a victimized by a storm or experienced primary pump failure. This system would sense the power outage then take over and start operating to continue removing the water.

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A battery powered sump pump backup system is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, there is too much bad information about these systems, which leads to poor decisions and choices when it comes time to make your purchase. Get help now and call us at (630)388-5883.

Here’s what you need to know:

The backup system should have a higher pump capacity then your primary pump.
The reason is simple. When your power goes out it will most likely be in a storm that is dumping thousands of gallons of water every few minutes and your pump won’t shut off until the water stops coming. If the backup pump isn’t the proper size it won’t keep up with the flow of water entering your home which leads to flooding, pump burn out or worse yet, never even start from lack of battery charge.

The reason some systems don’t start at the time you need them to is usually the result of a dead battery. Battery backup for sump pumps need to cycle on and off periodically because this maintains the charge of the battery and exercises the system to keep the parts from freezing up. Some systems do this automatically so you don’t have to think about it but other systems do not, resulting in low battery power and poor performance or a failure to function.

What to do:

If you are interested in getting a quote for a sump pump backup power system in your home or simply need yours maintained, call us at(630)388-5883 or schedule an appointment online for $40 off your service. We’re glad to come out and show you the range of options that best fit the needs for your property and budget.