Is your toilet outdated? Old toilets can be a nightmare. With poor drainage, slow filling times, leaks, and / or constant running, your toilet can end up as a nightmare fixture in your bathroom. Moreover, if your toilet is constantly running, you’re likely letting money run down the drain. Modern toilets are quite miraculous as well. With a modern toilet, you can look to opt for the following benefits:

Better Flow

A toilet should be able to take care of business in one fell swoop. Older toilets are often poorly designed and don’t have proper flow and suction. New toilets have excellent flow and suction capabilities, and you won’t be left plunging every time you need to take care of business.

More Options

Modern toilets often have a dual flush option. This option is optimal for water efficiency. With the dual flush option, you can opt to use less water when you flush; saving you a few cents, and saving your sewer system from a few gallons of water.

Better Efficiency

Alongside with better flow, modern toilets are much more efficient. Since modern toilets are designed for better flow and suction, less water is necessary to carry waste to your sewer line. You’ll end up saving gallons upon gallons of water when you opt to install a new, more-efficient toilet. Note, here at InSink Plumbing, we also provide commercial plumbing, and we know how much money an upgrade of your fixtures can help keep your water bills low!

Sleeker Style

Old toilets simply aren’t attractive, and they can get worn and yellowed. Modern toilets look sleeker, and a new toilet looks sanitary. Keep your guests happy, and keep your bathroom looking glamorous with a new toilet!