Moving into a new place is exciting and can be full of having to learn all about maintenance and figuring out the quirks of the residence. Being prepared is important and will help in the case of a plumbing emergency. Don’t feel that every emergency requires you to call for a 24 hour plumber right from the start. There may be things you can do for small fixes, like a clogged drain or a stopped up toilet. Keeping the right equipment on-hand is the first step.

  1. Keep a plumbing emergency kit handy. Include in it a five-gallon bucket, a heavy-duty plunger, wrenches, a set of Allen wrenches, screw drivers, heavy-duty paper towels and rags for clean up.

  2. Know where the main shut-off valve is for the water. If you have a line break or a frozen pipe, you’ll need to turn off the water to the property to keep it from flooding and damaging your belongings.

  3. Be preventative. Check over all your hoses to the washing machine and switch them out when they look like they’re starting to crack. Also, you can inspect and tighten the hose connections to insure they don’t leak.

  4. Use a drain snake to clear stubborn clogs if a plunger doesn’t work.

  5. If you faucet is leaking, identify where the leak is coming from. Turn off the water valve under the sink and call your plumber.

If you are not successful in completing these tips or the problem is bigger than you anticipated, contact us at InSink Plumbers, serving Addison, Wheaton and the surrounding areas. We offer 24 hour plumbers at no additional cost to come and help you fix and maintain your plumbing emergencies. Our plumbing services are affordable and you can count on the work we do.