Did you drop a ring down the sink? Trust us, as your 24 hour plumber, we know it’s happened before, and amongst all the jewelry to go down the drain, wedding rings seem to be the most common loss! Don’t panic!

First things first, shut off the water! Running the water can push your jewelry further through your pipes, and you could end up in a real pickle. Plumbing is nice as it ought to have a U-shaped trap directly under the drain – and if your water is off, your jewelry is only likely to get this far!

Alright, now we’ll need a couple tools. You may be thinking about magnets and string, but most precious metals and jewelry aren’t magnetic… So here’s what you’ll need to grab:

  • A bucket – something short but wide is great
  • A large adjustable crescent wrench – big enough for the nuts under your drain

Alright, now take the bucket, and place it under your U-shaped trap. This will collect all the water you’re likely to spill once the trap is off. The trap will have some water in it!

Then, take your crescent wrench, and loosen the nuts on the ends of the U-shape.  There should be two nuts to loosen.

Finally, take off the U, and pour out the contents! Your jewelry ought to be in there! If not, give us a call – we’re your 24 hour plumber!

And don’t forget to reinstall your pipe once your done! Tighten those nuts, and check that the seal is watertight by turning the water on and feeling around the joints below your sink. Best of luck!