Are my pipes leaking? Or clogged? How much life is left in my pipes? Don’t you wish you could see the interior of your pipes?!

Well you can with InSink Plumbers – your Addison area plumbing experts! With the advent of video camera snakes, we now can delve into your pipes and observe their condition or “health.” This new technology allows us to spelunk into your pipes, check out the problem at hand, and calculate a solution – all in full color! Our clients love to see first hand the exact issue they’re experiencing – because our video camera snake has a lit-up head, and 300 foot length. And now we own and operate a locator to track the exact movements of our snake. So we’ll know what we’re looking at, and where we’re looking at it! If you’ve got a leak, we’ll find it. If you’ve got a clog, we’ll find it!

If you’re curious about the state of your pipes, and would like to begin a preventative inspection of their interior condition, then give us a call! Too often, old plumbing goes unchecked; and an leaky sewer pipe can cause vastly expensive problems. If you’re not experiencing issues with your drainage pipes, it’s still smart to get them checked. You could save yourself thousands in damages – not to mention a few headaches.

Of course you can learn more about our video camera sewer line inspection on our sewer line inspection page! And if you do need a repair, or a declog, your Addison Plumbers will be right there for ya!