You’re working on a bathroom renovation and have decided on a budget. Now that you’ve started purchasing fixtures, you want to cut the budget in other areas so you can get your dream bathroom. How do you proceed? Do you watch Youtube videos on DIY plumbing and tackle the installation yourself? Do you hire your cousin-in-law who knows something about plumbing?

Cutting Corners Doesn’t Always Save  

In other words, you don’t want to pay twice for a job that if invested properly by having a trained and licenced plumber do the first time the right time. Water damage can happen without notice and create large amounts of unseen damage. An alternative you may want to do is to shop around for cheaper but equally appealing fixtures and have a plumber come in to do the actual plumbing work for you.

Don’t Stop with the First Plumber

Saving on the fixtures is one way to save and another is to get several bids for the job from plumbers. This way, you can work to negotiating the price and find out a realistic price for the work. Be sure still that the plumbing companies you get bids from are bonded and licensed and has a good reputation.

Benefit from their Expertise

Some bathroom renovations involve complicated questions that require experience and expertise. Most DIYers don’t have that same level of experience as a licensed and trained plumber and it’s helpful to end up with a high-quality plumbing, rather than a hacked workaround for the more complicated renovations.