You might have an old or new garbage disposal, either way, there are some ways to extend the life of your disposal so you don’t have to pay out for hefty repairs or the replacement of your unit. Here are some garbage disposal don’ts to keep your disposal working like a champ.

  • Don’t grind non food items like plastic, cigarette butts, anything combustible, metal or paper.
  • Don’t use hot water when grinding the food waste. Rather, use cold water and run it the whole time you are using the grinding feature.
  • Don’t turn off the garbage disposal until the grinding is finished. Keep the water flowing until after the disposal is finished and the motor is turned off for at least 15 seconds.
  • Don’t put starchy foods like pasta or rice down the disposal. It can create clogs in your disposal and pipes.
  • Don’t put too many potato peels in the garbage disposal. They can clog the unit and cause the blades to stick.
  • Don’t add fibrous food waste in the disposal. Avoid putting corn husks, celery, onion skins in the drain. The fibers don’t break down easily and they can wrap around the blades and jam the motor.

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