When you have the Mercedes in garbage disposals, it’s easy to think you can put any food waste you want down it and it will work fine. There are, however, some food items that will shorten the life of your garbage disposal or create issues. Take care and use this list of don’ts and enjoy the full life your garbage disposal has to offer.

  • Don’t grind large animal bones in the disposal, especially beef and pork. Small bones, like from a chicken or fish may grind easily.
  • Don’t put coffee grounds in the disposal or your pipes. They can build up in drains and pipes and cause problems for the disposal and your drains.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your garbage disposal, they can damage the blades on the disposal. Instead, use Borax or a baking soda, vinegar and boiling water mix.
  • Don’t drain grease into your garbage disposal or drains. It will harden when it cools and can accumulate, causing clogs and keeping the garbage disposal from working properly. Instead, drain the grease carefully into an aluminum can or an old glass jar, let it cool, hardening, and put it out with your trash.

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