Toilets can be tricky as they age. For what looks like a simple device, there are moving parts that can wear out and affect the toilet’s performance. You may have a toilet that runs when you’re not using it or it may not flush well. Here are some problems along with quick and easy fixes for toilets that have become a problem.

  • You have a toilet that runs off and on. Chances are, you have a slow leak from the tank into the bowl and your tank is needing to be refilled. This may be as easy as replacing the flapper or the flapper seat. Simply drain the both basins of the toilet of water and inspect the flapper seat and replace the part if it shows wear or damage.

  • If you have a toilet that easily clogs.try using a force-cup plunger. (Go to a hardware store, rather than a department store to buy the best quality.) If using a force-cup plunger doesn’t do the trick, buy a closet auger. Without dragging it along the bowl (as it will leave marks), insert the end into the drain and twist the device to push the rotor down.  This should unclog the line and allow the water to flush freely.

  • The toilet has a weak flush. This is likely the result of low pressure because the holes in the rim of the bowl are clogged. This can happen as buildup occurs from hard water. Take a small mirror and the curved end of a  wire coat hanger and clear out the holes to clear any build up. Try flushing and see if that does the trick.

If you still have problems with the flushing, contact us at InSink Plumbing. We’re your Addison plumbing company and can help diagnose issues with aging toilets to keep your household flushing well.