Modern fixtures have evolved the same as any other technology. And though new fixtures often go overlooked, they can save you serious money with new models. No matter the scale of your plumbing – in-home, or throughout a commercial structure – you should consider upgrading your fixtures to more efficient models. The current products on the market aim to reduce water usage, which can mean big bucks over time. Let’s observe a case study.

Water Management Incorporated performed a large scale study on retrofitting plumbing fixtures throughout a series of Illinois rest areas and tollways. Throughout these facilities WMI measured some 30,000 individual flushes throughout a 24 hour window. And with the current toilets in place, that meant 48 million gallons of wastewater down the drain every day! WMI also looked at water waste due to fixture malfunction. Some units would have faulty seals – causing water to leak out of the tank, and slowly drain all day. Other fixtures would flush on their own – as they had faulty sensors.

WMI upgraded those units, and other all units that simply used too much water – 273 toilets, and 105 urinals in total. The savings rolled in – there was 57% in water savings, which means 57% less wastewater, and of course, 57% more money saved!

Over the length of 1.7 years, Waste Management Incorporated calculated savings of over 23 million dollars!

So if you know your fixtures are outdated, you might be throwing money down the drain. Browse new fixtures at your local hardware store, and check the amount of water they could save you. And as always, you can call on the professional plumbers at InSink if you’re looking to upgrade those outdated fixtures!