Your Local Addison Plumbers Present… Things To Do On The Loo

We’ve got some classics, and some new concepts for things to keep you entertained while you’re on the toilet…

The Classics

  • Read the newspaper: Bring in the Sunday post, and read away. Take on the crossword if you’re feeling bold – or the comics if that’s your shtick.

  • Bring the puzzle book: Go crazy on those sudokus, jumbles, and word searches.

  • Take your library: Find a book that you can pick up easily, and that you won’t get too attached to. Joke books and short stories are great!

  • Bring the mail: Sift through your pile of mail. That’s productive!

  • Make a list: What groceries are you out of? What do you need to get done today? What five animals would you like to avoid running into?

  • Brush your teeth: A true pro can brush while using the water closet. Keep those chompers clean!

  • Clip your nails: Another activity reserved for the pros.

The Moderns

  • Anything on your smartphone…

    1. Play games

    2. Read an e-book

    3. Check your email

    4. Learn something by using the random page button on Wikipedia

    5. Make a doodle

    6. Text anyone

    7. Listen to music

    8. Listen to a podcast

    9. Listen to an audiobook

    10. Watch youtube

    11. Google your own name

    12. Organize your calendar

    13. Look for a new job

    14. Check your facebook

    15. Read the news

    16. Check the weather

    17. Look at new-release movies

    18. Order take-out

    19. Browse your app store for more games and apps

    20. Look up the top ten classic movies of all time

    21. Write some poetry

    22. Send an e-card

    23. Invent a new mixed drink

    24. Check your bank accounts

    25. Hold your breath and time yourself

    26. Look up things to do on the loo