In the past two blogs (Don’ts and More Don’ts), we’ve addressed things you don’t want add to your garbage disposal. In this blog, we’ll address things to do to keep your garbage disposal working, so you don’t have to call in for a plumber to repair or replace it. Follow these tips to save yourself some money.

  • Keep it clean by pouring a small amount of dish soap in it and letting it run for a minute or so after washing the dishes with cold water running.
  • Run the garbage disposal regularly. Keeping the parts running regularly will help everything stay well moving and lubricated. If it’s not used for a long period of time, it can get corroded.
  • Always run cold water while running the garbage disposal. This will keep oils from gumming up the gears by causing it to solidify and get chopped up and rinsed down the drain.
  • Grind the peelings from an orange, lemon or lime to freshen your drain.
  • Occasionally grind small harder materials, like small chicken bones or bones from fish, and egg shells. This will act as an abrasive to the garbage disposal.
  • Before putting them down the garbage disposal, Cut larger chunks of food into more manageable pieces so the garbage disposal doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Garbage disposal units do get worn out and overwhelmed. If you find your home in the Addison area without a working garbage disposal or it isn’t draining properly, call us for a plumbing technician at InSink Plumbing (630) 352-4458. We can clear your garbage disposal and make the needed repairs.