Unlike sump pumps, ejector pumps pump waste water away from the basement of a home. Sump pumps, on the other hand, are tasked with removing ground water or flood water from the sump pit. Regardless of the pump, a malfunction can leave you with a major problem. Let’s talk about the necessity of the ejector pump, and let’s touch on our ejector pump installation and repair services.

When Would You Need an Ejector Pump?

If you have plumbing that is below the sewer line within your home, you’ll need an ejector pump to remove wastewater from your home. So, if you have a basement bathroom, for instance, you may need an ejector pump to pump wastewater up to the sewer line of your home. If you have a sewer line that’s lower than your lowest bathroom or plumbed appliances, you simply won’t need an ejector pump; after all, water flows downhill. If, however, you have a bathroom – perhaps equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink – and the sewer line of your home is higher than the lowest wastewater outlet, you’ll need the power of an ejector pump to remove that wastewater from your home.

Ejector Pump Installation

Installing an ejector pump is a necessary step if you’re building plumbing components that are lower than your sewer line. Here at InSink Plumbing, we can install an ejector pump in new construction projects and basement renovations. We can also replace your current ejector pump if it’s at the end of its operational life. With an ejector pump installation, it’s crucial to ensure that all of your wastewater pipes flow properly to the pump; in addition, the pump should be tested and calibrated to ensure that it removes wastewater from your home at the proper rate.

Ejector Pump Repair

Having issues with your ejector pump? If you notice flooding, a backup, strange noises, or if your ejector pump has an alarm that’s signalling you have an issue, we can help. Most modern ejector pumps are outfitted with an alarm that will trigger if the internal float rises higher than it should; the float measures the water level within the tank. Like all machines, ejector pumps are liable to have issues throughout their lifetime. Your pump can lose electricity, it could fail to pump, it could leak, etc. Regardless of the issue, we’ll take a look and offer up the best solution.

The InSink Plumbing Difference

Here at InSink Plumbing, we do our best to provide prompt service, an unbeatable customer experience, and the best installations, maintenance, and repair. We provide a vast variety of plumbing services, so you can count on us for any issue that you have or any installation that you need. You can learn more about our ejector pump services, or if you’d like, you can get a Speedy Fast Quote™. Also, take note, we provide emergency plumbing services! If you ever have any major issues with your plumbing and require immediate assistance, we’ll be there in a jiff. Get in touch with us right away if you have any emergency plumbing issues.