Cleaning your pipes with our high pressure nozzle has more benefits than you’d think. If you’ve got old plumbing in your home or building, consider having them professionally cleaned. Here’s a few of the benefits of a high pressure pipe cleaning:

High Pressure Cleaning is Safe and Unintrusive

High pressure cleaning is the safest way to clean and revitalize old pipes. The hose used in pressure cleaning is soft and malleable, allowing it to turn around corners without scraping pipe walls. And since cleaning is as simple as running a small hose down the drain, no pipes need to be cut or replaced.

High Pressure Cleaning Restores Your Pipes’ Function

Cleaning your pipes leaves you with good flow. Moreover, cleaning your pipes reclaims your pipes’ health. Since buildup grows exponentially over time (because debris will have more and surfaces to cling to), cleaning your pipes removes all build up, which means better continued flow over time. Keep your pipes healthy with regular cleaning – you don’t have to wait til they’re completely clogged!

High Pressure Cleaning is Controllable

Since our machine has a controllable pressure valve, we can control the amount of pressure we use. Most pipes can handle high pressure cleaning, but more delicate pipes might be best suited with a bit less pressure. Our aim is to clean and revitalize your pipes, not damage them.

Save Money By Saving Your Pipes

Old clogged pipes can eventually become too obstructed to clean. These pipes will simply need to be replaced. Cleaning your pipes on a regular basis will keep your pipes healthy and long-lasting. A clean pipe will have a long lifetime. Keep your plumbing protected, and save yourself the money and headache of pipe replacement.