Most homes utilize gravity as a means of getting sewer water from the house to the public sewer pipe. This just means that the sewer line coming from your home must be slightly higher than the public line in the street. Building codes require that depending on the size of the pipe used, the downhill slope should be either 1/4′ or 1/8′ per foot of pipe between the end of your house and the entrance to the public pipe. If there is not a sufficient slope, you will require an ejector pump. An ejector pump is a system that pumps sewage from your home to the public sewer.

Grinder pumps are basically hardcore garbage disposals. These bad boys will grind almost anything into a liquid. It then sends the liquid to a holding tank. Grinder pumps are more expensive than your typical ejector pumps, but are a fine option.

Standard ejector pumps do not have the ability to grind up solids. This means that it is susceptible to clogging. Without the grinding action, almost anything can possibly plug it up. Even though these pumps are less expensive, you will be calling your plumber more often to have it serviced.

Sump pumps should not be confused with ejector pumps or grinder pumps. The only thing these pumps pump is water and are not for use in sewage systems.

All types of pumps are subject to the occasional problem. It could be as minor as a simple clog or it could be a blown motor. If you are suffering from a problem with your pump and need a plumber, we can help. We proudly serve the residents of Addison, Il and the surrounding areas.