emergency-cta-3-220x190The garbage disposal is an iconic modern appliance. The advent of the garbage disposal system speaks to innovations we’ve made to make domestic life just a bit easier. We rely on our garbage disposal systems to keep kitchen life moving, and to keep the waste water flowing in the proper direction. A healthy, fully-operational garbage disposal ensures that any waste that makes its way into your kitchen drain is chopped into manageable pieces. Food waste that is a manageable size is far less likely to clog up your drainage pipes and sewer line, which could save you a headache and pricey repair in the future. If you think your garbage disposal is on its last leg, or if you’d like to install a garbage disposal to modernize your home and streamline your kitchen cleaning, call on the pro plumbers and appliance installers here at InSink plumbing of Illinois. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your current garbage disposal, get in touch with one of our plumbers:

Grinding Sounds or Other Noises

If your garbage disposal is making strange noises once you flip on the switch, it’s a problem. Often, garbage disposals will make strange noises when they come into contact with an object that they can’t ‘digest,’ or if they’re struggling to operate. This can often happen if hair makes its way down the drain, or if a stray rag got caught in the disposal.

Lack of Grinding Power

If your food waste isn’t being ground, your garbage disposal simply isn’t doing its job. It might be time for a repair or replacement. Often, garbage disposal motors will wear down, or their blades may become too dull after lots of use.

Complete Malfunction

Garbage disposal not running at all? Several factors could lead to this, but it’s likely that it’s time for a replacement. The motor may have shorted, it may be an electrical issue, or the spinning mechanism can be completely stuck. Regardless, call on us! We’ll check it out, and get you up-and-running again!