emergency-cta-3-220x190A kitchen sink clog can be a complete nuisance. It’s just nearly impossible to cook without a kitchen sink – and at the end of the day you’ll be left with a counter full of dirty dishes. There are many causes of a kitchen sink clog; but regardless of the issue, InSink Plumbing is the source of the solution. We tackle clogs and repair sinks throughout Illinois, and we provide our services to the following cities: Addison, Elmhurst, Carol Stream, Wheaton, Winfield, West Chicago, Lakewood, Wayne, Keeneyville, and Bloomingdale.

Sink Clog

Again, clogs can be caused by a variety of sources. If your sink is clogged, it can be caused by debris within the pipe, it can be caused by an item within your disposal (if you have a garbage disposal in your sink), or it can be caused by an issue further within the pipe. Most of the time, hair or old food particles simply accumulate within a sink. Occasionally, a rag can get caught in your disposal and cause a clog. And on some rare occasions, your entire sewer drainage system can back up. If the latter problem is the issue (take note that a sewage backup will be notable due to smell), get in touch with us right away.

Sink Repair

If your sink is leaking due to faulty fixtures, we can fix that too. A leaky faucet can drain your budget as your water bill flows in, and it simply wastes good, clean water. Let us take a look at leaky valves and faucets. Many sink repairs are simple, quick, and inexpensive fixes.

Regardless of your sink’s issue – clogging, leaking, or otherwise – you can count on InSink plumbing to provide the solution. Get in touch with our plumbers today, and let us help you get that sink up and operating!