It’s clearly bad news if you notice water pooling anywhere in your home. A leaky pipe or fixture can result in property damage, home structure damage, and costly water bills. Here at InSink Plumbing we’re here to fix leaky pipes, and ensure that your plumbing is operating as it should. Water belongs on the inside of the pipe, not on your floor, in your ceiling, or running down your walls.

How to Spot a Leak

If you have standing water where it simply shouldn’t be, a pipe leak is likely the source. Moreover, leaking pipes may be identified by the stains that they can cause on walls and ceilings. You may also be able to hear a leaky pipe. Leaking pipes can hiss if they’re pressurized, or a leaky pipe may cause a dripping noise. If you’re uncertain whether or not you have a leaky pipe, feel free to get in touch with one of our plumbers. Get the fix right away, and avoid costly damage repair bills!

Leaking Fixtures & Bathtubs

If you have leaking fixtures, or a leaking bathtub faucet or showerhead, we can fix it. If a fixture has sprung a leak, then you’re wasting good water, and you’re letting money go down the drain. Did you know that a leak that’s a fast drip can cost between 60 and 200 dollars in a year? And even a slow drip can waste seven to ten gallons of water in a day. Faucets and fixtures simply aren’t built to last forever. Loose faucets and worn down fixtures can easily spring a leak.

Additionally, your tub’s water trap may also spring a leak. Water traps are designed to hold water and keep harsh wastewater fumes from making their way into your bathroom. However, these traps are liable to fail over time as chemicals and gunk build up and sit. A leaky trap will be harder to spot than a leaky faucet or fixture. Again, listen for dripping, and take a look at the ceiling below your tub trap if you have a floor below your bathroom.

Again, you can get in touch with the pro plumbers here at InSink plumbing if you’re enduring a leak in your home. We’ll get the fix done quick!