It started last Thanksgiving. You distinctly remember sending a bit of turkey and stuffing down the drain. There might have even been a wishbone that snuck into the mix. And there were some mashed potatoes involved too. Oh, and most of the tuna casserole. And a fork. And a rag. Okay, about 12 percent of the Thanksgiving spread made its way through the garbage disposal. Now, right when you need it, your garbage disposal has failed. Sweating over the nightly dishes, you find that your work has come to a complete standstill. The sink is full of swamp water, and the trusty pipe that’s supposed to suck it all down the drain simply can’t keep up. You’ve been trained to trust your garbage disposal, and when it counted it let you down.

Now, you find yourself scouring the internet for solutions. First, as you do naturally, you type “DIY” into the Google machine. As your eyes scan past solution after solution, you realize that doing it yourself means learning some real plumbing. You’re not a plumber. You’re a teacher. You got your degree in elementary education. You minored in pottery. You went back to grad school, and now you have tenure. This – garbage disposal repair – is not for you. You are not a plumber.

We are plumbers.

Here at InSink Plumbing, a broken garbage disposal is a sinch. We know our way around a U-pipe like you know your way around a group of energetic children and the pottery wheel. When you give us a call, things work quick. We’ll schedule an appointment, working around your schedule (of course), we’ll show up promptly, we’ll disassemble and repair your garbage disposal, and we’ll clean up. Poof, we’re out of your hair. And poof, you’re back to doing the dishes how you’d like.

Get in touch with us if your garbage disposal is on hiatus. As your Carol Stream-area plumbing service providers, we can fix or replace your garbage disposal.

And remember, if you have an emergency plumbing issue, we’re the plumbers to call…

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