Having well functioning plumbing is crucial. If your main sewer line gets clogged, the situation can get ugly very quickly. Drains can start backing up, showers can’t be taken, clothes can’t be washed, toilets can’t be flushed. Need I say more? When this happens, it’s time to call a plumber in your hometown of Wheaton, IL. An emergency plumber can come out 24-hours a day to get the drain cleared. One way they may clear the drain is with a snake, but when the problem involves a serious clog, you may want to call a plumber who uses Hydro Jetting.

A drain snake, while effective, can be limited in what it pulls out of the drain, sometimes leaving potential for blockages to happen in the future. A snake is also noisy and can take longer to push through stubborn clogs. On the other hand, the high pressure Hydro Jetting uses water to push the clog through the line at a much higher pressure than the water that flow when a toilet is flushed. It will break up the blockage, including tree roots, sludge and paper waste. Using Hydro Jetting to clear that clog will clean the pipe as it clears the blockage, which creates leaves your home with a clearer main sewer drain pipe.

Hydro Jetting is a proven way to effectively clear that pipe that’s clogged so you can have free flowing sewer line and use your plumbing freely. Contact InSink Plumbers to clear your sewer line, fix hot water heaters install a sump pump or any other plumbing repairs you might need. Book your appointment online and get $40 toward your first appointment.