Many people don’t associate the words “dangerous” and “plumbing” but it’s actually fairly common! Today at InSink Plumbing, your trusted Addison IL plumber, we’ve got some tips on the 3 most dangerous household plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them below.

1. You’re using too much drain cleaner. Of course commercial drain cleaners are fantastic at clearing away any clogs and removing built-up residue, but using too much of these products can actually cause damage to your drains. That’s because drain cleaners are usually made up of harsh chemicals that break up solid waste and scour pipes clean.

2. Pouring drain cleaner in the wrong spot. While most commercial drain cleaning products are safe to use in kitchen and bathroom sinks and showers, toilets can actually accumulate a great deal of damage if the wrong type of cleaner is used. You must also be super careful when cleaning a washing machine with a drain pipe. If you end up damaging the pipe, this could cause a leak which will then result in serious water damage to your property.

3. While it’s common to leave a garden hose connected to an outside faucet during the summer months, this can be detrimental if done throughout the winter. Austin Dangerous-PlumbingThat’s because it can cause water lines to freeze and then burst. If this happens in your house, you may be left with thousands of dollars in water damage before you even realize it. To fully avoid this problem, make sure to always disconnect the outside hoses before any freezing temperatures come around.