When it comes to plumbing today, there are a ton of myths to take into account. How do you know what’s fact and what’s fiction? Thankfully the experts here at InSink Plumbing have it all figured out for you. As your local Addison IL plumber, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest myths we hear and we’re debunking them once and for all.

1. Leaving lemons in your garbage disposal. Many homeowners think that leaving lemons in their disposal will both clean and leave the disposal smelling fresh. This is not the case, though. If you leave lemons in your disposal, it will create a smell but not the one you’re going for. It won’t make your kitchen smell better. In fact, lemons can be damaging to your garbage disposal. Why? Because citric acid has the power to corrode the metal parts found inside the garbage disposal. It is best not to put any lemons in your garbage disposal, despite the myths you hear.

2. You should pour water down the garbage disposal to get the waste moving around better. This is not true. Actually, many times you will still have to turn off your garbage disposal and reach way into the unit to get rid of any clogs or food jams that occur.

3. Soap and water. While soap and water are definitely known for getting your hands and clothes spotless, these items should not be used on your bathroom fixtures and faucets. Instead, you should opt for specialty cleaners. These products are made specifically to clean your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. When you use soap and water on your faucets, you’re actually causing the fixtures to corrode and peel. This will leave the metal looking extremely damaged while causing a whole slew of other problems.